We'll be wearing this giant 'tube sock' scarf all winter long

Is it a dress? A scarf? A giant tube sock? Who cares, it's perfect.

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/ Source: TODAY
By Lindsay Lowe

Is it a dress? A scarf? A giant tube sock?

People are fascinated and mystified by this enormous piece of knitwear, which has been making the rounds online this week.

Designer Milena Bunalova models her giant scarf creation.dukyana.com

The huge, hand-knitted tube from Bulgarian knitwear brand Dukyana may look like a giant body sock, but it’s apparently a humongous mohair scarf. It’s a whopping 8-feet long, and the top can be flipped down into a giant cowl neck.

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You can also pull it over your head for those moments when you just need to escape into your own, private knitted cocoon. (This gives new meaning to the term "turtleneck.")

This scarf is perfect for when you just don't want to deal with the world.dukyana.com

The ankle-length scarf comes in beige, bright blue and a raspberry shade, and retails for $280. It’s currently available for pre-order on Dukyana’s website.

This scarf (or 8-foot-long snood?) would also be a great prop in an interpretive dance.dukyana.com

Online reactions to this piece of mega-knitwear have ranged from excited to skeptical, with some perplexed commenters pointing out that the body-length scarf has no arm holes.

So cozy.dukyana.com

It's true: this may not be the most practical scarf to wear out and about if you, you know, regularly enjoy using your arms. But as a comfy, lounging-at-home accessory? Count us in. It looks roomy enough to envelop a person, a book and a bowl of popcorn, which is honestly all we could ask of our knitwear on cold, dark winter nights. (And it would go perfectly with one of our favorite 8-foot-wide foam pillows).

The only thing cozier from Dukyana’s collection might be this silky, maxi mohair dress, which retails for $264. It’s pretty extreme, to be sure, but it does look nice and warm!

This is actually a dress, not a coat!dukyana.com

If full-body mohair scarves and dresses aren’t your style, though, the brand makes some other pretty remarkable (and likely more practical) jumbo knitwear, like this ultrachunky gray sweater.

The snuggle is real. dukyana.com

Their mohair tunic with a built-in cowl neck and winter hood couldn’t be any snugglier.

Could this sweater be any cozier?dukyana.com

And you could pair any of these sweaters with these insanely fuzzy mohair mittens for peak coziness.

Non-mohair mittens have met their match!dukyana.com

Full-body scarves may not be for everyone, but we’re beginning to think that when it comes to knitwear in general, more is more!

This story was originally published Dec. 5, 2017.