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Duchess of Cambridge is stunning on BAFTA Awards red carpet alongside Prince William

While we Americans were celebrating pop music and the joy of sequins at the Grammys, our friends across the pond were hosting a different sort of celebration.

The BAFTA Awards are basically the British Oscars, and the 2017 ceremony took place on Sunday at the Royal Albert Hall in London. In attendance: Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have arrived at the #eebaftas, supporting the very best of British creative talent.

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Prince William has been president of BAFTA since 2010. That's right: He's a duke, a prince and a president. Must be exhausting. This basically makes him a varsity patron of the arts and, of course, an honored guest at the annual awards ceremony.

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Now let's talk about the duchess' gown, shall we?

It's by Alexander McQueen (who also did her wedding gown), and it's right on par with her usual bourgeoisie-boho vibe. Apparently, it was custom-made for her — the runway original featured thick straps and a corset waist. We dig the changes! The bare shoulders and drop waist are very on-trend, and it fits her like a glove.

(Um, it better. She's a princess. She should have an army of woodland creatures to attend to that, at the very least.)

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According to several news outlets, the royals were the last to arrive, so as not to detract from the nominees. Super classy, right?

(But we're still going to write a story about them. Sorry, royals. Better luck next time.)