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What is dry brushing and can it get rid of my cellulite?

Sales for one set spiked over 11,000% on Amazon this week.
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It's officially time to shed that dull winter skin!

If Amazon's Movers and Shakers list is any indication, it seems like everyone's ready to spring into the new season with supple skin. Earlier this week, this dry brushing set surged to the top of the beauty and personal care category on Amazon with an 11,975% increase in sales!

Dry Brushing Body Brush Set, $25, Amazon

The set is made of natural boar hair bristles and a wooden handle. It includes a large body brush, a smaller facial brush and a cellulite massager brush. According to the brand, the body brush and facial brush help to remove dead skin, exfoliate and clean pores. And the cellulite massager brush helps to reduce cellulite, release harmful toxins, improve circulation and remove fat.

What are the benefits of dry brushing?

According to Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse, a Los Angeles-based dermatologist, dry brushing helps increase circulation and lymphatic flow in the tissue, reduce swelling, improve lymphatic drainage and improve circulation and oxygenation of the skin and tissues.

"Gently brushing the skin can also help to lightly exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling softer, smoother, and prepping it for better absorption of products, if applied right after brushing," said Shainhouse.

She also noted that dry brushing isn't totally necessary for younger skin, which turns over dead skin cells easily, but she said it can be considered as a great means of exfoliation twice a week for people over 30.

While gently massaging the skin and tissues is a good way to help lymphatic flow, you should be careful not to over do it, she noted.

It can be especially helpful to smooth down bumpy skin conditions like keratosis pilaris on the backs of the arms and thighs, but it can exacerbate and worsen skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and dry sensitive skin.

How should I dry brush?

Dry brushing should be done before getting into the shower or applying lotion, Shainhouse added.

When brushing your skin, use gentle circular motions on treatment areas and do not brush for a prolonged period (limit to 1-2 minutes).

Why do people love this dry brush set?

The product currently has a 4.2-star rating and customers seem to be pretty impressed with it. Various reviewers have praised the product's quality, size and appearance.

"I love using this brush combo," one reviewer wrote. "The face brush is the perfect size, and both have firm bristles, and are well made."

The set seems like it would also make a great Mother's Day gift and one reviewer agreed. "Beautiful dry brush set. Gave it as a gift and the receiver just loved it," they wrote. "Has a set of instructions that comes with it to make using it correctly. The box is gift quality as well."

We can't lie, shedding all of this dead winter skin does sound rejuvenating! *Adds to cart.*

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