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Drew Barrymore puts bushy brows and grays on display in selfie — and we love it!

The actress shared a selfie featuring details that fans are more likely to see in the mirror than on the big screen, and its earning her rave reviews.
/ Source: TODAY

Tanned, dyed, concealed, Spanx'ed and perfectly plucked — Hollywood has long been known for its impossibly high standards of beauty. But Drew Barrymore just dropped the glamour and got real on Instagram.

And it's earning her rave reviews!

The actress shared a simple, makeup-free selfie Monday, and it features details that fans are more likely to see in the mirror than on the big screen, including freckles, fine lines, bushy brows and an untamed mane (with a just bit of gray on display).

"OH MY GOD How did I let it get this bad," Barrymore wrote in the caption that accompanied the pic. "Base and brows needed."

The 42-year-old will soon transform back into character for her role in the Netflix horror-comedy "Santa Clarita Diet," but she decided to give her followers a peek at her off-season look first.

It's clear they truly appreciated it.

"Thank you for posting a pic of a person looking like a real, living person as opposed to the new norm ...which is flawless, frozen and embalmed," one fan replied.

Another wrote, "It is so good to see that celebs have gray hair and eyebrows do need to be maintained and not everyone wakes up looking picture perfect. This picture makes me feel real and that it's ok if my eyebrows stray a little!!!!! love it!!!"

"Bless your soul for showing every part of a woman," yet another follower added. "You are an inspiration at every level. If every woman (especially in Hollywood) had your courage and truth the world would be a different place."

More than 2,500 commenters have shared their thoughts so far, and the messages are overwhelmingly positive and packed with praise for Barrymore's "realness," "mom life" and "true beauty."

For Barrymore, the fresh-faced look is her personal favorite, too. Although the mother of two has her own makeup line, called Flower, she rarely uses any cosmetics offscreen.

As she told the New York Times in January, "I would say 90 percent of my life, I wear zero makeup."

And she looks 100 percent fantastic!