Dress code gone too far? Teachers forcibly remove teens' makeup in front of class

/ Source: TODAY

School uniforms are always a hot topic, but the controversy has picked up renewed steam after a teacher forcefully removed students’ makeup at Cairns State High School in the North Queensland area of Australia.

A Cairns newspaper reports that an investigation was launched after several teachers at the school removed the makeup of numerous girls in the class in front of the other students. This removal was allegedly done via scraping off of the makeup by the teachers’ fingernails — an allegation, if true, which could potentially be seen as not only humiliating, but abusive.

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“Surely a more private setting would have been more appropriate, and I’m not sure the teachers have to be so ‘hands on,' touching the students’ faces like this," said a parent of one of the girls in a comment to the Cairns Post.

The school does have a dress code on record that specifically states makeup is not allowed to be worn at school, and all parents are asked to sign this dress code agreement upon enrollment at the school.

But did things have to get so ugly?

While it’s the responsibility of the parents to ensure the dress code is followed, was it not the responsibility of the teachers to remind the students of this rule in a less humiliating matter? Could the girls themselves have removed the makeup privately?

Rules are rules, but there’s lots of ways to address them. And, as is the case with makeup, a little goes a long way.

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