Double-take: Woman's shirt is picture perfect match of hotel hallway

/ Source: TODAY

Who would have thought a simple picture of a woman standing in a hotel hallway could rack up more than 3 million views?

Well, when the friend and hallway in question look like they coordinated their outfits ... it's not quite as surprising.

"So my friend checked into a random hotel, and then this happened," wrote one Imgur user, referring to the moment when the three colors of her friend's shirt nearly perfectly matched the walls of a hotel hallway.

She posted the double-take-worthy moment on the popular photo-sharing platform and the views quickly sky-rocketed into the millions.

Of course, as always, the real fun was to be found in the comments section: "Well, one of us is gonna have to change," joked one user, while another wrote, "Yeah, that's a nice hallway ... can we get a picture of your friend?"

It may not be breaking the Internet quite like last year's infamous blue-and-black-no-white-and-gold dress, but at least we don't have to argue about this equally magical sartorial post.