Don't mess with Beyonce! Lululemon claims 'imitation,' then backtracks

/ Source: TODAY

Premium workout wear purveyor Lululemon is no stranger to controversy. From accidentally sheer yoga pants to body shaming to a shakeup at the top of the corporate heap, the company has been there, done that.

Beyonce's new clothing line.Getty Images, WeAreIvyPark / You

But on Thursday, just moments after Beyoncé revealed her own athleisure line, Lululemon stirred up a brand new controversy — and immediately got stung by the Beyhive.

A tweet from the company claimed that "imitation is the best form of flattery" and teased that Beyoncé was just so "Crazy in Love" with their products that she followed suit with her own.

But that turned out to be a bad idea!

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Beyoncé's loyal fans took it as a cue to "get in #Formation" and get back at Lululemon for the seemingly baseless allegation.

And it wasn't long before Lululemon saw the light.

The company reconsidered the situation, deleted the original tweet and decided to Beyhave.

Beyonce's new clothing line.WeAreIvyPark / YouTube
Beyonce's new clothing line.WeAreIvyPark / YouTube

While Beyoncé's Ivy Park products have already generated plenty of buzz, they won't hit stores until April 14.

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