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Don't call us 'good girl': School apologizes after uproar over prom dress poster

A poster in a school's halls showed four different styles of prom dresses, with the message "good girl" beneath the least revealing one.
/ Source: TODAY

A Florida high school has apologized for posting a series of flyers that included different types of prom gowns, including one it deemed as appropriate and worn by a “good girl.”

The four photo posters went up earlier this week in the hallway of Stanton College Preparatory School in Jacksonville. Each was labeled “Going to Stanton Prom?” before showing different gowns with varying levels of exposure. For example, beneath photos that showed a backless dress or a skirt with a high leg slit were the words, “No you’re not.”

But on the least revealing gown, the flyer suggested acceptance with, “Yes you are. Good girl.”

The flyers were eventually taken down, but not before students and their supporters took to social media to express their outrage.

"'Good girl.' How utterly disrespectful and condescending can you be?! This is disgusting," Neha Sohoni wrote on Twitter.

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Another student, Andrew Boulos, tweeted that he had "always been proud of my high school... until today. Stanton, who are you to define a good girl. THEY ARE ALL GREAT GIRLS #scpgoodgirl.”

The school district issued a statement saying that the photos of the recommended attire “is not an approved policy by the school or Duval County Public Schools” and that the images were “immediately removed” Monday by school leaders.

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“Both students and staff have been informed this was not acceptable or appropriate guidance for prom dress attire,” according to the statement.

The school also addressed its actions in a tweet.

Lily Willingham, the Stanton senior who originally posted the pictures in a tweet that went viral, wrote in an updated social media post that the principal had apologized about the flyers.

She also posted a picture of several students who came to school a day later by wearing shirts with the female sign to show solidarity for young women.