Does this necklace match my top? Here's your answer

Does this necklace go with this top?

Anyone who has spent too much time standing in front of the mirror trying on eight different necklaces knows that it's a pain in the neck (pun intended) to figure out which one best complements your outfit. And while fashion trends waver from season to season (can you say, bejeweled crocs?), general guidelines can help you style an outfit with ease.

This simple guide, which takes a nod from the general rules of art composition, will help you battle the morning rush indecision.

With a V-neck...

Look for necklaces that mirror the neckline. Slim, Y-shaped pendants without competing with the shape and layering is encouraged! Why not pair a slim pendant under a bolder one? Just make sure the daintier of the two sits closer to the neck.

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Deep V-neck Sleeveless Tank, $16, Boohoo

Bedegraine Choker Necklace, $42, Baublebar;
Pair a V-neck shirt with a Y-shaped pendant to match the shape.

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With a turtleneck or boat neck...

Go long! When it comes to turtlenecks, long pendants and chains can elongate the neck and offer the illusion of a longer, thinner frame. Keep in mind that the higher the neckline, the longer the necklace can go.

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Laura Woven High-Neck Top, $26, Boohoo

Amazon Bib Necklace, $68,;
Longer necklaces look great with a turtleneck. Yes, you can wear a necklace with a turtleneck!

With a crew neck...

A quick rule of thumb for this popular cut is to follow the curve of the neckline. In the case of crew neck shirts and dresses, opt for a bib or collar necklace to anchor and balance the shape.

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Violet Ruffle Sleeve Top, $24, Boohoo

Kew Collar Necklace, $68, Nordstrom;
Not sure what to do? If all else fails, just follow the shape of the neckline.

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With an open collar...

The trick to enhancing an open neckline is to ensure a short necklace rests high and doesn't drape over the shirt. There isn't too much real estate, so a delicate chain with a bit of added flair will stand out as it rests on the collar bones.

Eva Oversized shirt, $30,

Milkyway Necklace, $34,;
A delicate chain won't compete with a button-up shirt.

With a closed-neck collar...

A short statement necklace under the collar will really flatter! This offers a great opportunity to wear those quirky tiered and graphic pieces that might be too busy otherwise, since a conservative collar camouflages it slightly.

Amelia Contrast Collar Blouse, $26,

Kaysee Bib, $48, Nordstrom;
A closed-collar shirt is a great chance to wear a statement necklace.

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With an off-the-shoulder, sweetheart or strapless...

Chokers complement, not compete with the neckline and allow you to highlight your décolletage as the focal point. While velvet is a big trend for fall, woven, lace and multi-tiered collar and choker necklaces add a bit of charm.

Tanya Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Bodysuit, $24, Boohoo

Lariat Choker Necklace, $42, Nordstrom;
Show off those shoulders with a choker or lariat necklace that won't cover up too much.
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More styling suggestions:

  • Should your neckline be adorned with jewels or crystals, there's no need to accessorize beyond some cute stud earrings or simple bracelet.
  • Don't forget that a long necklace can be doubled into two strands, which can work well with crew neck tops.
  • A scoop neck leaves plenty of room for bigger statement necklaces, like one you might pair with the closed-collar shirt above.
  • Asymmetrical, cowl neck and one-shoulder tops are best accompanied by statement earrings, since the neckline already grabs most of the attention.