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Rawr! Woman poses for hilarious boudoir shots dressed up as a dinosaur

"When your friend comes to you and says, 'I want to do some boudoir shots ... dressed up as a dinosaur!' You say, 'WHEN AND WHERE?!'"
/ Source: TODAY

What would you do if a friend asked you to take boudoir-style photos of her to gift to her fiancé? What if she was dressed up as a dinosaur during them?

For Kissy Spicer of Josh and Kissy Photography in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, there was only one possible answer: “You say, ‘WHEN AND WHERE?!’”

Josh and Kissy Photography

Spicer shared the hilarious photos she took of her friend Nicole Stein posing in a Tyrannosaurus rex costume and the internet went wild. The pictures were taken as a wedding gift for Stein’s groom.

The idea came from some photos the friends came across in on a Canada-wide baby group to which they both belong. “Another girl had jokingly posted pictures of a T. rex shoot,” Stein told TODAY. “Unfortunately we weren’t the first.” But theirs somehow went viral.

Spicer’s Facebook post has been shared more than 6,000 times and liked more than 7,000 times at publish time. It’s evident that people find the whole thing so funny, some are even tagging their friends and telling them they need to do this for their partners in the comments.

Josh and Kissy Photography

The pictures are pretty perfect, but what was going on behind the scenes? Pure hilarity.

“This was for sure one of the funniest, most ridiculous things I've ever done,” Stein said, adding that the suit, which Spicer happened to already own, was pretty hot inside and hard to manipulate. “I'm only 5-foot-3-inches and it stretches to over 7-feet tall. We pretty much had to pause from laughing so hard.”

Stein gave the book to her groom right before their wedding. “I had made him a photo book with some real boudoir photos,” she said. “He was with his groomsmen when he got it, and closed the book when he saw those, before getting to the T. rex pictures.”

She said that when he finally looked through the whole thing the next day, he had a good laugh. “It was sort of a flop reveal, but still worth it.”