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Did Melania Trump go blonde? Here's why people are buzzing

The first lady is known for her long chestnut locks and subtle highlights, but she appears to have taken on a sunny shade this winter.
/ Source: TODAY

Since she first entered the White House — and even during her husband's campaign days before that — Melania Trump's look has remained the same, from elegant and scene-stealing fashions to her long bronde hair.

But suddenly her signature hair looks decidedly different.

First Lady Melania Trump pays a visit to Joint Base Langley in Hampton, Va., Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018.AP

Gone is her chestnut and honey-hued color, and in its place is a bright beachy-worthy shade — that seems to be getting brighter by the day.

First Lady Melania Trump greets children from the Burbank and Bethel Manor Elementary schools during a tour of Joint Base Langley in Hampton, Va., Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018.AP

On Tuesday, the first lady paid a visit to children at the annual Marine Toys for Tots drive that left some focused on more than the charitable endeavor. They were left buzzing about her maybe-blonder-than-usual highlights.

Did she dye her hair? Was it really a change? Could it be a trick of the light?

But by Wednesday night, following a tour of Joint Base Langley in Hampton, Virginia, and an appearance on Fox News, there was no maybe about it. Online onlookers couldn't help but notice that those highlights looked appeared bigger, bolder and much blonder.

Yes, the first lady appears to have had her first big makeover, and no one saw that coming.

In fact, just a couple of months ago, even her longtime go-to hairstylist, Mordechai Alvow, wouldn't have predicted this kind of hair overhaul.

In August, he opened up to Refinery29 about the former model's look and stressed how consistency was key for her style.

"When someone is going to be in the eyes of the public and will constantly be on the news, there is a look that people want to understand and be comfortable with and associate with," Alvow explained. "She’s not like a performer. There is a look about her where it’s almost like she’s the mother of the public. You want your mother to have one steady look."

Then again, moms are allowed to change things up from time to time.