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Diane Keaton is here to entertain you during quarantine with an epic hat tutorial

Need a boost today? The actor's video will make you smile.
/ Source: TODAY

Diane Keaton is spicing up her quarantine wardrobe with the help of her favorite accessory: hats!

The actor took to Instagram Tuesday to show off her extensive collection and offered some comedic style tips along the way.

Standing in front of a table with 12 hats of various colors and sizes, the 74-year-old admitted that she has more hats than she can count. "As you can see, I have a problem. I'm addicted," she said.

All kidding aside, Keaton seems to have found the perfect use for her hats during quarantine: covering up her hair. "It's pathetic, and I want it erased," she joked, gesturing toward her long locks.

Who needs a trip to the hair salon anyway?
Who needs a trip to the hair salon anyway?diane_keaton/ Instagram

As she walked through her selection of hats, Keaton showcased everything from a wide-brimmed brown hat to a bowler style. "All these different colors go with different outfits, and that's really adorable," she said.

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Keaton is known for her impressive hat game, but even she acknowledges that some of her accessory selections are a bit polarizing. While trying on a particularly high black hat, the actor made the following admission: "Nobody would invite me to go anywhere [wearing this] but still I go and you know what, they''ll have to live with it."

The actress admitted that many shoppers wouldn't like this bold selection.
The actress admitted that many shoppers wouldn't like this bold selection.diane_keaton/ Instagram

The fashionista argued that hats are the one accessory that don't get the attention they deserve and even got a bit cheeky while describing a breezy white summer hat: “Sometimes when your husband comes in, you might want to surprise him with a hat. Maybe he likes you like that. You could kiss a little and maybe take it a little further. Hats are worth it!”

Keaton has a flair for accessories!
Keaton has a flair for accessories!diane_keaton/ Instagram

She also gave fans a look at one of her favorite styles and admitted that she needs to get it cleaned since she's worn it so many times.

One of Keaton's go-to hats.
One of Keaton's go-to hats.diane_keaton/ Instagram

Keaton ended the video with some words of wisdom for her style-loving fans: "You need to spend more money on hats because now in this time of such sadness and worry, a friendly hat and a friendly face makes the day."

Take a look at all of Keaton's favorite hats below!