Dewy skin tutorial: 3 simple steps to a gorgeous, fresh face

/ Source: TODAY

Let's be honest here: We all want a younger-looking face no matter how old we are. And what immediately comes to mind? Fresh, glowing skin.

Our prayers have finally been answered with this simple beauty trend that can be seen everywhere from YouTube to the red carpet. Hallelujah!

The makeup artists at Rouge NY taught how to get the dewy look in three simple steps. Now, you'll be looking fresh faced all day long!

D is for ... Dewy

  1. Grab your favorite moisturizer and generously apply it on your face. Don't skip out on any areas if you want hydrated-looking skin. Every little bit counts here!
  2. Apply a golden-hued illuminator or highlighter to the apples of your cheeks.
  3. Blend in with a foundation brush and you're ready to hit the streets looking fresh-faced and fabulous!

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