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/ Source: TODAY
By Jordan Muto

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It's no secret that '80s and '90s pop sensation Debbie Gibson has a thing for glitter. Yes, even in her 40s, she still loves a little sparkle.

"My motto is, what could (go) wrong in your day if you wear glitter," Gibson told Shop TODAY.

Although glitter can be a pick-me-up, Gibson admits it's not always easy to feel good about yourself. The star, who is now a spokesperson for the hair care line Keranique, opened up about her insecurities with her thinning hair and wrinkles.

"I do think there is a beauty to being real. The more we see filtered pictures and you know this look of perfection, we start to think there is something wrong with us when we look in the mirror and it can just put you in a bad mood," said Gibson. "Not everyone is staring at what you think is an imperfection. I say you do the best with what you have and you rock what you got."

So, she said she believes true beauty really comes from the inside. "I think if you can find whatever is positive going on in your life and project that to lift other people's spirits that's beauty."

Yet, it's no secret that Gibson liked to have fun with her style during her pop sensation days.

"I tend to not regret anything in fashion because fashion gets taken too seriously and it's meant to be fun," said Gibson.

So, we asked if she has any go-to beauty products she uses to express her personal style on the outside.

Debbie Gibson's Top Beauty Picks

Make Up For Ever diamond powder, $25, Sephora

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"I love doing a little bit on my lid if I'm running out the door and a little mascara and a little bronzer. Suddenly, you have a little bit of a look," said Gibson who liked it because it can appear more silver or gold depending on the outfit. "It's really sheer, but really catches the light.

She also added that she loves it so much she got it in rose gold, as well.

Mabybelline great lash mascara, $4, Amazon

"Like since the beginning of time, I've always bought it at drugstores," said Gibson when asked about her favorite mascara.

She also admitted she's a big fan of NYX Professional and Wet n Wild products.

Nars monoi body glow, $59, Sephora

Also available at Net-A-Porter, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom.

Gibson's makeup artist Bruce Wayne turned her onto this body-bronzing product years ago. As far as facial-bronzers go, he uses Tom Ford when doing her makeup.

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Viva Naturals sweet almond oil, $12, Amazon

Gibson, who is both fragrance and chemically sensitive, is a fan of essential oils. Her latest obsession is almond oil, which she uses everywhere from the ends of her hair to her skin. She will even put a little bronzer over it for a nice glow or mix it with peppermint oil to get own body fragrance.

Desert Essence fragrance free pure body wash, $8, Amazon

When it comes to body washes and lotions, Gibson sticks to fragrance-free products since she is sensitive to scents. One of her favorite brands is Desert Essence. She likes their body wash and lotion. She's also a fan of Jason products.

Remember: Glow from Within

Gibson, who has battled Lyme disease since 2013, reminded us to find beauty within.

"Glow from the inside, because honestly if you're not in good spirits and not maintaining your sense of humor through a challenging time, that's going to age you quicker than anything. And, it's not a flattering look on anybody," explained Gibson, who recently starred in Hallmark's "Wedding of Dreams".

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