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By Aline Peres Martins

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Welcome to our new series for TODAY Shopping: Deal of the Day!

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Deal of the Day: May 25

Already thinking about Father's Day? Great! Snag this deal to finish your Father's Day gift shopping a few weeks early.

Today's deal is 67 percent off woven silk men's ties from Pop Fashion on Amazon, no code needed. Usually, one of these ties costs $30. But, TODAY fans can score one of four different colors — navy, burgundy stripe, red and silver —for $10.

Burgundy Pop Fashion Men's Woven Silk Tie, $10 (usually $30), Amazon

Navy Pop Fashion Men's Woven Silk Tie, $10 (usually $30), Amazon

Red Pop Fashion Men's Woven Silk Tie, $10 (usually $30), Amazon

Silver Pop Fashion Men's Woven Silk Tie, $10 (usually $30), Amazon

Each tie is made from a woven, blended silk fabric and features a bar tack finish to help make a strong, sturdy knot. A fabric loop keeps the small end tucked in place.

The discount applies to four colors and ends at the end of the day!