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/ Source: TODAY
By Jen Birkhofer

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Deal of the Day: December 7

At normally $10, Dip into Pretty is offering 20% off their chic toe separators!

Please note that the discount is added when you click "One Time Purchase" and then click "1 Applicable Promotion" and add to cart!

These soft, silicone, individual toe separators do so much more than prevent polish from smudging after a pedicure. The company claims they'll stretch your toes just like yoga for your feet. If you've ever heard of the popular YogaToes (a contraption that both Sia and the LA Dodgers love), these are basically the same, but more understated. They're also said to help ease pain from overlapping toes and bunions. Basically, these might be the secret to solving your most uncomfortable feet problems. And let's be honest, we all have them! Slip these one, put your feet up and relax!

They come in 13 fun colors and shapes and each pack comes with 8 pieces.

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