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/ Source: TODAY
By Paola Songeur

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There's a reason "Topknot Tuesday" is a thing. Getting ready in the morning can be hectic and often styling hair is the last thing on our mind. So we throw our hair into a bun and call it a day.

To avoid that particular source of stress, we found a straightener that aims to hasten the strand-smoothing process. This CHI ceramic flat iron has proven itself one of the greats with awards from Teen Vogue,, Launchpad, the Stylist Choice Awards and more, dating as far back as 2014. And it's 25 percent off on Amazon right now.

CHI Original Ceramic Hairstyling Iron, $60 (usually $80), Amazon

If styling tools and gadgets aren’t your forte, don’t be dissuaded. One reviewer noted that the CHI flat iron is “easy even for someone whose hands are all thumbs to use!” With features like flash heating, infrared heat, negative ions to protect moisture and a swivel cord, it might seem like your hair will practically straighten itself.

The CHI also works on any hair type, said another reviewer who lent her CHI to several friends in the seven years (seven years!) she's owned it. “Every single one of them has raved about how much they loved it,” she said. “It has stood the test of a variety of difficult hair types with consistently beautiful results.”

Sounds like just the solution we need to our morning struggles!

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