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David Schwimmer's daughter Cleo, 9, shaves her head ⁠— see the new look!

Cleo is rocking a new buzz cut!
/ Source: TODAY

David Schwimmer's daughter, Cleo Buckman Schwimmer, is rocking a new quarantine haircut.

The 9-year-old, who is already showing off her unique sense of style, asked her mother, artist Zoe Buckman, to give her a buzz cut. Buckman, who split from the "Friends" star in 2017, shared a photo of her shaving Cleo's long locks on Saturday.

"The world is saying 'bun [sic: burn] it down and rebuild' and the babies are listening. I see how kids today challenge norms and standards in a way that we didn’t, and that, amongst other things, gives me hope!" she wrote on Instagram.

Buckman, who lives in New York City with Cleo, couldn't be prouder of her daughter marching to the beat of her own drum. In another photo, Cleo looks like a rockstar with her newly shaved head as she looks straight at the camera. Her new look and fearless attitude earned rave reviews from people on Instagram.

"She looks amazing," wrote singer Paloma Faith.

"Mannnn THIS KID!" wrote another commenter. "She is AMAZING. She also has a kicka*s mum supporting her!"

Schwimmer has opened up in the past about his "no shame" parenting approach when it comes to empowering his daughter.

“With my daughter, it’s more about just knowing it’s your body and your space. It’s more about personal space and building confidence in her to speak out and speak up if anything she encounters makes her feel uncomfortable, period,” the "Friends" star told TODAY back in 2017. “Her body, her hair, it’s hers. She owns it. It’s giving her the courage and confidence to speak up and speak out.”

But Schwimmer said it’s an ongoing conversation.

“She just told me last night that at school on Friday, some boys behind her, some older boys, were kind of touching and kicking her back a little. She turned around and gave them a look,” Schwimmer said. “I said, ‘Next time, Cleo, you need to turn around and firmly but politely say to please stop touching me. If you do that twice and they keep on touching you, you stand up, walk away and find a grownup, period.' It’s important to instill that kind of confidence from an early age.”

The same applies to her physicality. “There should be, in my view, no shame about her body and about being in her body and understanding how her body works,” he said.

Schwimmer and Buckman seem to be co-parenting Chloe successfully. Just last week, the pair attended a protest and vigil in downtown New York City together.

He wrote on Instagram, "We're no longer a couple, but @zoebuckman and I are parents of a nine year old, and fellow advocates for social justice and reform."