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David Arquette takes blame for Courteney Cox's short bangs in 'Scream 3'

The actor is taking the blame for Cox's super-short bangs.
Courteney Cox
David Arquette says he's to blame for ex Courteney Cox's short bangs in the movie "Scream 3."WireImage
/ Source: TODAY

Courteney Cox has a gorgeous head of hair, but even she isn't immune to a bad haircut. Case in point? That time the actress sported scary-short bangs in the 2000 horror classic "Scream 3."

Nineteen years later, we finally know who's to blame for what might just be Cox's most-hated haircut: her ex-husband, David Arquette.

Courteney Cox hair
In "Scream 3," Cox sported choppy baby bangs.Alamy Stock Photo

After stumbling across the Instagram meme, "If you ever feel like s**t, just remember Courteney Cox's hair in Scream 3," the actor fessed up that he suggested the memorable (not in a good way) style.

"I have to take the fall for this. I suggested a Bettie Page look. It just didn’t work. I take full responsibility," the actor commented.

As fans will remember, the friendly former couple initially met on the set of the first "Scream" movie in 1996 and married in 1999 before divorcing in 2013.

Instagram account @commentsbycelebs spotted the cheeky comment and captioned the post, "It happens, @davidarquette."

Those super-short bangs weren't Cox's only experience with a haircut gone wrong. While playing Monica on "Friends," her character famously got a botched haircut from Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow). Instead of the sexy Demi Moore-inspired cut she requested, Cox's character got a choppy mess of a cut that resembled Dudley Moore instead.

Courteney Cox
In the "Friends" episode titled "The One with Ross' New Girlfriend," Cox's character was on the receiving end of a botched haircut. Getty Images

Luckily, in real life, the 54-year-old has had plenty of enviable mane moments to make up for her on-screen characters' hair faux pas.

Want to take a walk down memory lane? Check out some of Cox's most memorable styles!

'80s gal

Courteney Cox
Getty Images

Although it didn't last long, Cox's stint on the '80s show "Misfits of Science" — and, more importantly, her hair — left a lasting impression.

'90s babe

Courteney Cox

It was the era of "Friends," and Cox and her crew looked oh so '90s.

Lady in red

Courteney Cox
Getty Images

Cox is loyal to her brunette locks, but on the rare occasion, she has switched things up a bit.

Lovely lob

Courteney Cox

In recent years, the actress has sported long locks, but she's also flirted with a lob (long bob) now and then.

Soft waves

Courteney Cox
Getty Image

Cox's relaxed vibe often matches her fuss-free locks.

Straight and sleek

Courteney Cox

Few celebrities rock a sleek, straight style better than Cox.