Dating deal breakers from saggy pants to polo shirts

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In a world where online dating dominates, first impressions really are everything. From a baseball hat to bright red lipstick, the littlest things can strangely turn a potential suitor away.

And then, once you actually meet in person, a polo shirt, Birkenstocks, leggings, or dirty fingernails can be what stands between you and a second date.

Curious to figure out what sends people running out the door, asked our Facebook fans and even our own staff to share their own dating deal breakers.

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1. "Sagging pants are my biggest pet peeve. I don't need to know that you are wearing your Calvins," wrote Elizabeth Farrar.

2. Holly Lynn-Marie Seifert says no to white sunglasses.

3. "[A] deal breaker would be a guy rude to a waiter/waitress, one with no manners or morals or who did not bathe before putting on said polo shirt. Yeah that is a deal breaker!" wrote Rachel Kimble-Price.

4. Margie Dominguez says she is not a fan of men sporting camouflage just for fun. She does, however, give the green light to those who actually did serve in the military.

5. Robin Chesser Chaer Hackler thinks overalls are a no-no for men.

6. "You can wear the Polo, but if you 'pop the collar', I'm out," wrote Jade Prince.

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7. "Black socks with sneaker and white socks with dress shoes," wrote Kristy Canastra Dlugosinski.

8. For Diana Laraiso, the half-tucked shirt is a definite no.

9. "Jeans with flip-flops should never happen. Ever," wrote Rebekah Black Richardson.

10. "I'm married not dating, but nasty dirty old shoes were definitely a deal breaker," wrote Brandy Rials.

11. "I don't like jewelry on men in general. Just a non-flashy wrist watch and that is it," wrote Jamie Cornwell-Beech.

12. "Jorts are a deal breaker," wrote Laura Trancredi.

13. "Gold chain necklaces on men," wrote Amanda Wenc Woodhull.

For some women, sock choices are really important on a date!Shutterstock

14. "Socks with sandals is definitely a deal breaker!" wrote Sarah Harris.

15. Andrea Little, who lives in Florida, would rather her date not show up in a bathing suit ... unless you're headed to the beach.

16. "Deal-breaker....sweat pants or basketball shorts," wrote Kris Brassell Miller.

17. Daphne Reed is against sporting a hoodie, unless it's actually cold outside.

18. "Deal breaker for me would be if he showed up without a shirt!" wrote Shelia Lyon.

19. "A man in a tank top. I can't deal! To each their own," wrote Maggie Casey Adams.

A man in a tank top is a definite deal breaker for one TODAY Facebook fan. "I can't deal!"Shutterstock

20. "Crocs." wrote David Thomas.

21. Kiki Zientek Cossitor says flip-flops, jeans and cargo shorts are simply not OK.

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22. "Sunglasses at night," wrote Azlina Ahmad.

23. Peter J Dillon says yoga pants should be banned.

24. Djuna Lynne Steiner says no to showing up in tennis shoes.

25. "Saggy pants or skinny jeans. When I see a guy in skinny jeans I think those look terrible on guys and they must be uncomfortable," wrote Anne Burke-Angel.

Skinny jeans "must be uncomfortable," wrote one TODAY Facebook fan.Shutterstock

26. "Men who wear shoes with no socks," wrote Carolyn Mello.

27. Lauren Tatum says a man in cartoon T-shirts is just a child.

28. "Dating deal breaker: a guy who is always wearing a baseball hat and/or sneakers all the time," wrote Toni-Lynn Barto.

29. Johanna Francecsa is not feeling Birkenstocks.

30. Jenny Anderson Kelly says visors, short-sleeved dress shirt and sleeveless T-shirts should be banned from dating scenarios.

31. "DIRTY FINGERNAILS is my biggest pet peeve with men and dirty hands. Clip your nails and wash your friggin hands.Thank you!" wrote Debbie M. Cardwell.

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Dirty fingernails are a deal breaker for many commenters on TODAY's Facebook page.Shutterstock

32. "Short sleeve button up. Eeew," wrote Barbi Haack.

33. "Dad jeans," wrote Cindy Cundall-Munnich.

34. For Emily Shelton, hairy fingers are a definite turn-off.

35. "Velcro watches/shoes unless you have some need for it, not just lazy!" wrote Amy Maxwell.

36. "Mandals! Men who wear sandals. Need to be burned at the stake!" wrote Deana Russo.

37. "Bro tanks and turtle necks on guys. No. No. No. Oh & those jeans with fancy pockets!! NOPE!!" wrote Amber Corbitt Cimadevilla.

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So, what did we learn from this little experiment? Well, one man or woman's dating deal breaker is another's favorite look. The conclusion: Wear what makes you happy! The right person will probably be feeling your personal style. But keep your fingernails clean just in case.