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Danica Patrick's 'real vs produced' photos of abs show the reality behind gym selfies

/ Source: TODAY

We're all used to seeing celebrities' picture-perfect gym photos, but NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is showing the reality behind these images in an effort to promote body positivity.

The 35-year-old recently shared side-by-side photos of her wearing the same outfit on the same day — shot in two different ways. The images show the difference between what she calls "real" and "produced" photos.

"The difference between the two is lighting, pose and clothes adjustments," she wrote in the caption.

In the post, the "produced" photo is shot in much better, vibrant light — which creates the illusion that she has a healthy glow, and even amps up her muscle definition. The photo is also taken from above, rather than straight on, which creates a more flattering selfie.

The NASCAR driver is a strong advocate of healthy living and showing off her "real" body — and she just happens to have rock-solid abs.

Patrick ended her inspirational post with a powerful message to her followers: "We all want to look our best at all times, no shame in that. But don't let someone else's body put yours down. Use it for motivation. Keep digging friends to be the best you! You own that! We all know when we are treating our bodies with the respect it deserves. It's the one and only thing we own for life."