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Danica McKellar shows off blond hair in perfect April Fools' Day joke

She almost fooled us!
/ Source: TODAY

April Fools' Day has officially become a time where you shouldn't believe anything you see on the internet.

And that includes sudden hair transformations by celebrities!

We've tracked down a couple of stars who've decided to suddenly alter their look, and we are dubious to say the least. Like, say, "Wonder Years" star Danica McKellar:

"You guys, I've gone BLONDE!! What do you think??" she asked in the caption. Well, we think you're pulling our leg, Ms. McKellar! (Just scroll forward on the photo to get confirmation.)

Mindy Kaling also teased us with her tresses:

"Haters will say it’s photoshop …" she wrote in the caption, before using the #AprilFoolsDay hashtag, just in case we weren't totally positive. (But we do rather like this color on her!)

A color and style change is a tried-and-true way to get your fans to do a double take; Bethenny Frankel and Gigi Hadad pulled the hair over a few people's eyes in 2017 with their sudden hair "didn'ts."

But April Fools' Day isn't over yet, so be on guard for more hair-raising pranks!