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Dakota Johnson seems to have closed the gap in her teeth and fans are 'heartbroken'

“This is the saddest I’ve even been,” one fan tweeted.
Dakota Johnson
AFP/Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Goodbye, gap?

Fans are in a tizzy after Dakota Johnson apparently closed her tooth gap.

Up until recently, the actress had been rocking a small gap between her front teeth.

Dakota Johnson
She still had the tooth gap at an event last September.WireImage

Johnson’s fans were apparently obsessed with her slight dental quirk, which was even the subject of a lighthearted Vanity Fair video, “How Much Stuff Can Dakota Johnson Fit in Her Gap Teeth?” (Johnson joked in the video that fitting things in her gap was her "only skill.")

But now, the gap seems to have disappeared.

When the "Fifty Shades Freed" star flashed a smile at the Los Angeles premiere of her latest film, “The Peanut Butter Falcon,” her front teeth looked closer together.

Dakota Johnson
Can you spot the difference?AFP - Getty Images

Here's another look at the before and after:

Dakota Johnson
Johnson was still rocking her tooth gap in the left photo. At right, in a more recent shot, her front teeth appear closer together.

Honestly, it’s a subtle difference, but many longtime fans of Johnson’s tooth gap were devastated, and they reacted hilariously on Twitter.

“This is the saddest I’ve even been,” one fan tweeted. “RIP Dakota Johnson’s tooth gap.”

“Woke up to find out Dakota Johnson no longer has her tooth gap,” another tweeted. “I’ll cry myself back to sleep.”

Another fan joked that she was “crushed and heartbroken” over the change.

There was even a tribute video.

Johnson hasn’t commented on her minor dental work — maybe her bright smile speaks for itself.