Dad gets first haircut in 10 years! See his epic transformation

/ Source: TODAY

Talk about terrific transformations!

These dads traded their long hair and scruffy beards for clean-shaven, well-groomed looks that left their families (and all of us) doing double takes.

Mike Weiss, 45, is a father of two. His wife said Mike kept the family together while she battled breast cancer.

"You look like you did in college!" Mike's wife Rebecca said when she saw his manly makeover. "Just gorgeous!"

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Jim Miller, a self-proclaimed hippie, hasn't cut his hair in five years. His daughter thought an Ambush Makeover would make him look younger. It sure did!

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Roger Sedarat, 43, from Montclair, New Jersey, agreed to a makeover on TODAY after his son (who wears sport coats to walk the dog) told him to improve his appearance.

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