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By Rheana Murray

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Whether you like them or not, crop tops are once again a summer staple.

And now men are getting in on the belly-baring action.

Savvy social-media users recently pointed out that Asos is selling a wide assortment of crops and tube tops for men, and, well, people aren't really sure how to feel.

"I give up," one Twitter user wrote, sparking a flood of commentary about whether or not the so-called "moob tubes" are really going to take off.

Most people weren't so sure.

Yet a few people appear to be into the trend.

Asos describes the top that many people were commenting on as a slim-fit bandeau design cut close to the chest. It costs €15 (about $16.70), but there are plenty of alternatives available on the brand's U.S. website. Take this bright yellow-and-pink sleeveless crop for $18, or for a simpler look, this oversized, three-quarter-length-sleeved white crop, which is only $10.

While the trend may be surprising to some, others may be reminded of the 1980s, when seeing a man jog along in a sleeveless crop top and short shorts wasn't such an unusual sight.

And as summer starts and temperatures climb, who can blame a man for wanting a little breeze on his belly? We say there's no harm in that.