Forget corsages — teens are wearing croissants to prom now

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/ Source: TODAY
By Julie Pennell

Corsage, croissant ... same thing, right? For some, the answer is yes. A new trend has some high school students getting their prom dates croissants (yes, the French pastry) to wear on their wrist instead of the traditional floral corsage.

But why, you ask? Good question!

A teen posted her date’s hilarious misunderstanding, and the tweet has since gone viral with over 12,000 retweets since April.

In fact, it received a lot of responses from other girls who could relate:

The fact that the words sound somewhat similar makes it an understandable mistake. Autocorrect could also be a big player in why teens are identifying it wrong — and then again, it’s also just funny to show up with a croissant corsage.

The first photo evidence of this hilarious movement dates back on social media to 2015. Julia Gorman got a croissant corsage last year for her senior prom.

“I really don’t like corsages and I was talking to a friend about how I didn’t want one,” she told TODAY Style. “He suggested that, instead, I opt for a croissant.”

If we’re being honest, the buttery pastry actually looked great against her skin tone and next to her pale pink dress. Perhaps it's a good post-prom snack?

To each their own!