Crocodile feed at Australian park turns into epic marriage proposal

/ Source: TODAY

You've heard of the Crocodile Hunter, but how about the Crocodile Bachelor?

A Sydney, Australia, woman got quite a thrill when her boyfriend, the Head of Reptiles at the Australian Reptile Park, invited her in to do a live crocodile feeding...and proposed inside the enclosure with the croc as a witness!

"Three years ago next week, I actually met the girl of my dreams. The girl I love more than anything," Billy Collett told the crowd before waving Siobhan Oxley, a former zoo employee, into the enclosure. "She's going to have a crack at feeding the crocodile."

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But after luring Elvis, the nearly 15-foot saltwater croc, out of the water, Collett tossed aside the bloody rodent he'd been using as bait and pulled out a ring instead. Talk about an upgrade!

Oxley tearfully accepted, but according to a press release from the Australian Reptile Park, "felt robbed of missing out on that croc feed." (Don't worry, Siobhan — we're sure you'll get another chance.)

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And no one one was happier than Elvis, who grinned through the whole thing from a few feet away. We think we saw him wipe away a crocodile tear or two.

Congrats to the happy couple — wishing you a lifetime of adventure!

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