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Creepy coincidence? Woman sees her own outfit in Facebook ad

A Brooklyn woman found a targeted bra ad show up in her Facebook feed featuring a model dressed in a nearly identical outfit to the one she was wearing.
/ Source: TODAY

For some, this might have seemed a little too social for social media.

On Saturday, Jen Lewis found a targeted ad for ThirdLove bras surface on her Facebook feed. It featured a model dressed in a nearly identical outfit to the one she was wearing at the time.

Though Lewis, a Brooklyn-based writer and web designer, showed a sense of humor by posting side-by-side photos of herself and the ThirdLove model — both decked out in a pink button-up blouse and blue jeans — the tweet went viral at a time when there are concerns over online privacy.

"Uh, Facebook just served me a bra ad where a woman is wearing the outfit that I’m currently wearing," she tweeted.

The oddly perfect ad landed at a time when there have been reports that Facebook is exploring technology that would use webcams to gauge users' moods. (A media representative for Facebook did not immediately respond to TODAY's request for comment.)

Several people who replied to Lewis' tweet expressed concern, advising her to cover her camera. But Lewis herself is quick to clarify to TODAY that she "didn't mean for this to become a discussion of ad privacy and hacked cameras," and that she interpreted the whole experience as a funny coincidence.

"I got dressed 45 minutes before I saw the ad, and there's really no way that anyone could spy on me through my iPhone camera, track down the outfit, hire a model to come in on a Saturday morning, and upload a sponsored video to Facebook within that time frame," Lewis said by email. "That would be completely ridiculous. It's just a popular shirt from Madewell, a very popular store!"

She echoed those thoughts on Twitter, writing, "Y'all need to calm the heck down!" However, no one can argue that the ad didn't do its job.

"I've always heard great things about ThirdLove bras, and this saga has inspired me to finally buy one," said Lewis. "The ad worked!"