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Creative Valentine's Day gifts for the 'Harry Potter' fan in your life

If someone you love is obsessed with all things "Harry Potter," Valentine's Day may be a perfect time to give them their fix.
/ Source: TODAY

If someone you love is obsessed with all things "Harry Potter," Valentine's Day may be a perfect time to give them their fix. These adorable, creative Valentine's Day gift ideas are simply magical!

1. Time turner pendant necklace, $57,

A recreation of Hermione’s time-turner pendant, it’s a great tribute to the character ... but also a really pretty necklace!

2. Flying Cauldron Cream Soda, $8,

If they go for vanilla and butterscotch flavors, they’ll totally fall for this delicious cream soda. It comes in a four pack, too, so your giftee may even share a bottle.

3. Butterbeer bubble bath, $8,

The same vanilla and butterscotch flavors of butter beer, but in bath form.

4. Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wands makeup brushes, $55,

If the beauty lover in your life thinks herself a wizard with makeup, now she actually can be.

5. Hogwarts school of magic framed print, $35,

This framed print will be a beautiful addition to the home or office of any true "Harry Potter" fan.

6. Accio wine glasses, $18,

We want our wine glasses to “accio!” (or levitate) to us as often as possible.

7. Singlecue Gen 2, $149,

The "Harry Potter" fan in your life can use their finger like a wand and easily turn up and down the volume or flip back and forth through channels. It's perfect for re-watching the whole series on a cozy night in.

8. Hogwarts Notebook, $14,

If they are all about their Harry fan fiction, this is the perfect place to get started.

9. Deathly Hallows Cufflinks, $65,

If he loves his Harry Potter style, these are a great accessory.

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10. Wizarding World of Harry Potter Passport Holder, $50,

Travel to mythical places, hidden world or just about anywhere with this on-theme passport holder.

11. Harry Potter ButterBeer Scented Candles, $35,

Every time they use this candle, they will feel a bit of the Hogwarts spirit.

12. Harry Potter House Headbands, $14,

The annual quidditch match just got a lot more competitive.

13. Chocolate frogs: Chocolate-covered animal crackers, $8.50,

Sweets that can’t help but remind us of the whimsical fun of the wizarding world.

14. Ray-Ban Eyeglasses, $175,

These Ray-Ban eyeglasses give you the same style our bespectacled friend wore in the movies. They've even got the same metal bridge as Harry's frames. Lightning bolt scar not included.

15. Wise Snowy Owl Book Ends, $39,

A perfect accent to their book collection.

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16. Chapman Sock Crate, $74,

For the guy who is a Dobby fan, isn't this crate adorable?

17. Making Love Potions book, $17,

The book includes 64 all-natural, easy-to-make recipes that arouse the senses and boost energy. Potter fans can make their special someone fall for them with the help of irresistible recipes like “Come Hither” body powder, “Kiss ’n’ Make Up” lip butter, and "Vanilla Intrigue" massage oil. Wizards and muggles alike can have fun with the magic power of herbs, flowers and essential oils. No wand necessary.

18. Go Ahead Bite It Ring, $150,

A delicate snake rings that would be perfect for a Slytherin at heart.

19. Always Sensitive Coffee Mug, $49,

Channel a bit of Snape and keep your coffee warm at the same time.

20. ALEX AND ANI Quill Feather Bangle, $58,

Subtle and elegant, this feather bangle from Alex and Ani perfectly matches the quills used by Hogwarts students.

21. Heidi Klum Intimates Sublime Ribelle Short Robe, $300,

Are you a Ron or a Harry? Stay classy in this gorgeous dress robe from Heidi Klum Intimates — perfect for the Yule Ball.

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22. Orbit Necklace, $91,

The perfect accessory to wear to Professor Trelawney’s divination class. Venture into the celestial world with Folli Follie’s Orbit Rose Gold Plated Necklace featuring moonstone glass spheres.