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Creative ideas to organize your accessories

A dreary winter weekend is the perfect time to organize your jewelry and other trinkets. TODAY Style editor Bobbie Thomas explains how containers and display cases can easily be made from unexpected objects.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

There’s no need to wait for spring to start your cleaning! In fact, a dreary winter weekend is the perfect time to organize your jewelry, bags and other special items. Containers and display cases can easily be made from unexpected objects, and simple storage solutions will work as a quick fix for your overflowing accents.

Bobbie Thomas, TODAY Style editor and author of The Buzz column for In Touch Weekly, presents clever ways to keep track of your accessories. 

Bargain buys
Inexpensive, store-bought items can be used in more than one way. Shoe organizers ($9.99; may be designed to store your soles, but they can come in handy to hold belts or to hide your special-occasion extras under a bed. Dish dividers and stacking racks ($3.99-$9.99; may keep pots, pans and other kitchen items in order, but they’re also great tools for separating handbags. This way, when you pull one out, your entire collection of carryalls won’t come tumbling down. And hanging pocket organizers are a favorite of TV and film stylists who use them to stay organized on set. The clear pouches can help you easily find earrings, brooches, watches and more.

And finally, for bulkier items, I suggest hanging shelves for your closet ($2.99-$17.99; Soft yet sturdy, these are a great way to organize seasonal items. Come spring, you can simply swap out your gloves, hats and earmuffs for sun hats, bathing suits and sarongs.

Savvy storage
When it comes to containing your clutter, be open-minded and think outside the box. By being resourceful, you can repurpose things from around the house and turn them into excellent storage solutions. For example, ice cube trays or even plastic egg containers can be used to sort rings, small earrings, etc., and can even be stacked in drawers. Candlestick holders can double as a pretty way to display bangles and bracelets; for larger items like scarves and ties, consider getting creative with a slat rack, ladder or trellis. Just weave your long layers through the holes for a crafty way to keep these accents in order.

DIY displays
Instead of trying to hide your tiny treasures, showcase your jewelry with a crafty case or stand. After all, whether on you or on your dresser, these pretty pieces are meant to be seen. Frames are a great way to hang earrings or sunglasses — just remove the glass and stretch lace, wire mesh or rope from a craft store along the edges (supplies, $0.79-$17.99; Cutlery boxes and other empty containers can easily be transformed to display necklaces. Simply line with wallpaper, tack small nails or little knobs inside, and you’re all set. And finally, an alternative idea for those who want a ready-made solution: A plethora of inexpensive jewelry stands are available at discount department stores such as T.J. Maxx and Marshalls ($6.99-16.99).