Bye-bye, generic mini-bride and groom! Now you can be your own wedding cake topper

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Captured Dimensions 3-D cake toppers

On your wedding day, it's all about you—and your guests will give you a lot of leeway to express yourself creatively. But just how far do you want to go with that license?

Here's one way to take it: A company called Captured Dimensions is helping brides and grooms appear as 3-D miniatures atop their own wedding cakes!

Yep, the company creates photo-real, full color, 3-D replicas of you and your betrothed to be used as wedding-cake toppers, so you no longer have to settle for one of those mass-produced plastic couples that look nothing like you. (Check out the photo for an idea of how one bride's full-body scan became a teeny-weeny statue in her own honor.)

Oh, and they've thought of everything: If you don't want your groom to see you in your gown before your wedding day, you can do your 3-D photo shoots separately, and through the miracle of editing, you can appear together on the cake side by side. Magic!

Does the whole thing sound totally weird to you? If so, you're not the only one. In fact, Captured Dimensions has heard that a lot—and even says so on its website. But the innovators behind the 3-D cake toppers are also pretty sure you'll settle on "That's cool" after your initial reaction of "That's creepy."

Would you use a 3-D statuette of yourself as your cake topper?

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