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Courteney Cox rocks a 'Friends' shirt, but something important is missing

What's wrong with this picture?
/ Source: TODAY

Where’s Monica?

Courteney Cox just posted a photo of herself in a vintage "Friends" T-shirt that was missing something important: Monica’s head.

“Some people will do anything for a V-neck,” the actress wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of herself looking sad as she pointed at her character’s missing face.

It’s unclear whether the T-shirt came that way or whether her scissors slipped as she was altering it into a V-neck herself — but either way, perfectionist Monica Geller would surely not have been amused!

Cox has never shied away from embracing her "Friends" legacy. She recently shared a never-before-seen photo of the cast before they were famous, and she also posted a video of herself in front of the real "Friends" apartment exterior in New York, calling it “The One Where My Rent Went Up to $12,000.”

She also hilariously re-created the famous "pivot" scene from the show in an Instagram video about moving furniture in real life.

No doubt Cox has collected plenty of merchandise over the years, and as the show’s 25th anniversary approaches, maybe she will continue to rock “Friends” gear — hopefully with Monica’s face fully in view!