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Courteney Cox on having face injections dissolved: 'I'm as natural as I can be'

The former "Friends" star is rethinking her approach to beauty, even as her daughter begins exploring makeup.
/ Source: TODAY

At 53, Courteney Cox has gone all-natural.

Or, at least as much as is possible. "I've had all my fillers dissolved," she says in the latest issue of New Beauty, referring to her face-enhancing injections. "I'm as natural as I can be."

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And that's important for the former "Friends" actress, who is also mom to a teenage daughter, Coco (whom she directed in a music video last year). "I feel better because I look like myself," she continued. "I think that I now look more like the person that I was (before adjustments). I hope I do. Things are going to change. Everything's going to drop. I was trying to make it not drop, but that made me look fake."

As she noted, it was a slippery slope to start accepting facial injections. Last year she said she had "regrets" about her procedures, which started after doctors would praise her looks — then suggest they could improve them. "The next thing you know, you're layered and layered," she said. "You have no idea because it's gradual until you go, 'Oh, s---, this doesn't look right.'"

Some of Cox's awareness of her looks is no doubt coming from being aware of how 13-year-old Coco is beginning to navigate her looks and beauty regimen. For now, Cox says she's letting her do what she likes.

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Cox and Coco Arquette in Los Angeles in 2016.FilmMagic

"Luckily, at school she can only wear mascara, but on the weekends you would think she's going out to a rager at 2 a.m. — eyeliner, mascara, highlighter on her cheeks," said Cox. "I know some people think I should rein her in with the makeup, but it's a form of self-expression. As long as she’s not sexualizing herself, it's really just what makes her feel good."

That said, Cox can't help but be a mom. "Sometimes I do wish her shorts were longer — I'm not going to lie," she said. "But I want to keep an open relationship with her. I care more about what she's watching than what she's putting on her face."

The actress also mentioned one other interesting development: that maybe she's not done having kids. "I would love to have a baby," she said. "I mean, I could carry someone else's egg. I may be one of the older people doing it, but I would love to, with Johnny (McDaid, her longtime on-off beau) that is."

And yeah, she knows how that sounds! "I know it's crazy," she said. "But I would."

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