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Courteney Cox cuts bangs in video to pay tribute to 'Scream 3' character for Halloween

"I think they're cool. I say I bring them back!" Cox said of her infamous short bangs.
/ Source: TODAY

Courteney Cox recently decided to get into the Halloween spirit by watching "Scream 3," and the actress couldn't resist talking about the infamous scary short bangs her news reporter character sported in the movie.

But what she did next — and on camera — is giving some of her fans a Halloween fright.

"I noticed that Gail Weathers has those infamous bangs I don't think anything is that wrong with it. Check it out. I think they're cool. I say I bring them back!" she said.

And with that, Cox took out her scissors and appeared to cut her bangs as short as Weathers, and without even looking in a mirror.

Before fans get too spooked, it is important to note that it's unclear if Cox is playing a Halloween prank on everyone with a wig or if the actress actually did chop off her bangs. Either way, the look is a controversial one that has lived on thanks to an Instagram meme.

"If you ever feel like s**t, just remember Courteney Cox's hair in Scream 3," the meme says. It turns out, Cox's co-star and ex-husband, David Arquette, is taking credit for her "Scream" hairstyle.

Prod DB A(C) Dimension - Craven / DRSCREAM 3 (SCREAM 3) de Wes Craven 2000 USAavec Courteney Coxsequelle, trilogie
PNYGEF Prod DB A(C) Dimension - Craven / DR SCREAM 3 (SCREAM 3) de Wes Craven 2000 USA avec Courteney Cox sequelle, trilogieAlamy Stock Photo

"I have to take the fall for this. I suggested a Bettie Page look. It just didn’t work. I take full responsibility," the actor commented on Instagram earlier this year.