Couple goes under the sea for 'Little Mermaid'-themed engagement shoot

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/ Source: TODAY
By Brittany Loggins

Cammy Cuoco’s proposal wasn’t just a dream come true — it was a fairy tale.

While Cuoco, 26, was vacationing in Mexico last June with her boyfriend, Eric Martinez, she suspected that he was planning to propose, but she had no idea it would involve her favorite mythical creature: mermaids.

"I was in awe," said Cuoco. "I couldn't believe it was happening."Photo by Del Sol Photography

“Every little girl dreams of being a princess, but I always wanted to be Ariel,” Cuoco told TODAY. “How perfect that I get a Prince Eric of my very own and I was able to take magical photos under the sea with him?”

That’s right — Martinez had taken note of Cuoco’s love of mermaids, and when he contactedDel Sol Photography, a company the couple had followed on Instagram for a while, he made sure to let photographer Polly Dawson know.

"I just want people to believe in love," said Cuoco.Photo by Del Sol Photography

“I asked Eric to share more about his partner so that it could be unique to her,” Dawson told TODAY. “And in the photo he sent me (of Cuoco) she was wearing a mermaid shirt and he was like, ‘Oh, by the way, she really loves mermaids.’”

And just like that, they had a theme for the photo shoot.

Del Sol Photography is located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, which is near a few private caves and ponds that were perfect for the occasion.

"It was so surreal," said Cuoco.Photo by Del Sol Photography

The couple had the first photo shoot in a cave where Martinez proposed.

“It’s a dry cave — there’s no wind, there’s no sound,” said Dawson. “I knew they were going to be blown away just walking in to that space.”

Dawson was right; the San Antonio couple was absolutely astonished.

"He immediately gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him," said Cuoco.Photo by Del Sol Photography

“The moment when he proposed was really, really amazing,” said Dawson. “It was one of those time-standing-still moments for sure.”

The next big surprise for Cuoco: an underwater photo shoot complete with mermaid tails and a Ring Pop. Dawson crafted the mermaid tail herself.

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The photos are beautiful, but Cuoco says the best part of the day was all of the thought that went into it.

“I was so excited,” said Cuoco. “Realizing that I get to be the wife of someone who cares so deeply about me that he will even make my childhood dreams come true.”