Cool or 'cat'astrophe? This rainbow hairstyle features a hidden cat

/ Source: TODAY

Cat lovers, rejoice! There's a new hairstyle in town called "cat hair," and it's got everyone buzzing.

Instagram user Katichka took hair tattoos to a new level when she showed off her new 'do to her followers on Sunday.

The young woman from Russia had her cat's face buzzed into the back of her rainbow hair so that she's never without her feline friend.

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"My sleepy cat with me always," Katichka captioned the image, which has collected more than 17,000 "likes" since it was posted on the photo-sharing site four days ago.

From the front, Katichka gives off the appearance of a modern-day Cruella de Vil, only with a softer pink-and-blue twist.

The two may share a similar hairstyle, but it's clear they don't see eye to eye when it comes to animals.

Glenn Close starred as Cruella de Vil in the films '101 Dalmatians' and '102 Dalmatians'

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As if sporting your cat's face on the back of your head isn't enough, Katichka also posted another cat-themed photo a few days prior to revealing her viral hairstyle. This image shows tattoo guns and a design featuring — you guessed it — a cat.

"It was very painful, thank you @lera_rate_tattoo," says the caption, translated from Russian.

As for the captivating hairstyle, it's part of a larger trend of colorful locks, and undercut designs. It is, however, quite unique. What do you say? Is it cool or a cat-filled hair catastrophe?