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Connie Britton's 'beauty secret' ingredient will surprise you

The "Nashville" actress has more to talk about than just her lovely locks, you know.
/ Source: TODAY

Connie Britton is pleased to have been asked so many times over the years about her "healthy, shiny hair." And in a new video, she's ready to share her beauty secret.

Thing is, it doesn't have a lot to do with her hair, and instead has a lot to do with women's rights.

As she says in the video, made with former "Nashville" co-star Laura Benati (who wrote, directed and co-produced the video) for The Representation Project's fall 2015 #AskHerMore campaign (which encourages reporters to dig deeper with questions in interviews with women), her real beauty secret is feminism.

The benefits of this unique product? A woman's right to vote, a woman's right to her own body and the Violence Against Women Act.

"Feminism is meant to be used on a daily basis, and works best when shared," she adds.

"The message of the video is: ‘Don’t be afraid of feminism,’” Britton told People magazine. "Don’t think that feminism is something that you don’t need or something that could be threatening, because look at what it’s created already and look at what it can continue to create."

And as she notes at the end of the video, "Feminism: It's not what's on my head; it's what's in it."

Hair hair!

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