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/ Source: TODAY
By Alexandra Zaslow

On Thursday, Google released their first-ever 2015 Beauty Trends Report focused solely on hair trends and the results may surprise you. They found that the three most frequently searched hair-care terms are braids, colored hair and men's hair.

For the first time, men's hair is even more popular than woman's by 6 percent with "comb over" and "man bun" holding the top spots. Google found that men are so determined to nail down the man-bun look that they often ask questions like, "how to grow a man bun" and "how to tie a man bun."

Is a man bun ever ok?

Sept. 30, 201501:50

"Overall, guys are coming in with more of a general idea of what they want," Rob McMillen, head barber at Blind Barber in New York, told Google. "They are doing more research than ever before."

As men start to turn to YouTube for advice, women are going more natural and playing around with different braid styles, specifically "box braids" and "goddess braids." They've even been getting a bit creative and going for the "goddess braids in a bun" and "short bob box braid" looks.

Goddess braids in a bun.Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

Celebrities have turned colored hair into a major trend this year, with grey and silver being the top colors amongst men and women. Purple hair has also been all the rage since Katy Perry stepped onto the red carpet at the 2015 Grammys with a lavender bob.

Katy Perry has had purple hair.Getty Images

Rihanna was the trendsetter of the grey hair look, which she debuted on Instagram in 2013.

But of all the hair trends out there, we personally love that dads are learning to braid.