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Clown contouring: How to try the latest beauty trend

It might sound like an insult to say someone "looks like a clown," but that's the exact point of this viral beauty craze.
/ Source: TODAY

"You look like a clown," might sounds like an insult, but not when it comes the latest Internet beauty obsession. That's right, beauty bloggers and makeup aficionados alike are coveting the look first made famous by a man named Bozo. So, what's the deal?

YouTube star BellaDeLune popularized the craze as a response to haters who called her a clown for her love of makeup. The mix of an empowering message and endless creative options (notice the poop emoji!) created a combination the Internet simply couldn't resist.

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Want to try the trend without actually looking like a jester? Follow these tips from the experts at Rouge NY.

C is for ... Clown contouring.

Clown contour
  1. The one thing to keep in mind is to still follow the same contouring and highlighting rules as always. (In other words, keep the same areas dark and the same areas lighter (or highlighted) as you would otherwise.)
  2. Get creative! Whether it's squiggly doodles or full-on emojis, the design choices are limitless.
  3. Blend especially well with a makeup brush or beauty blender — you don't want to leave the house looking like, well, a clown!

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