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As a busy working mom in television, I never make enough time to style my hair. I hardly ever plug in the hairdryer or curling iron (unless I'm on-air). Most mornings I grab a hair elastic, pull my hair away from my face, and get out the door.

The easy ponytail has always been my go-to hairstyle. I even pulled my hair back for my professional headshot!

I even wore a ponytail for my headshot!JESSIELYN PALUMBO

But, since my hair isn’t very thick or long, I was worried my ponytail appeared sloppy and unfinished.

Then, a friend mentioned how Ariana Grande uses a simple clip-in hair extension to create her signature Instagram-worthy hairstyle. So, maybe I could try the same look?

Getty Images

I figured the hair extensions Ariana Grande uses weren’t cheap, so I didn't bother searching online for an "Ariana Grande ponytail." Instead, I turned to Amazon and found a simple wrap around ponytail. It came in a few different colors, including a natural black that looked like it would match my own. It was 37 bucks. Worth a try? Yes, indeed!

Beauty Plus Straight Wrap Around Ponytail Human Hair Extensions

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While the product didn’t have thousands of reviews, the product description promised to be “one of the most amazing, fun and innovative products you will love to wear!” I was sold and kept my fingers crossed that the clip-in hair wouldn’t look like synthetic Barbie doll hair.

Thanks to my Amazon Prime status, my ponytail was delivered the very next day. To my surprise, it felt like real hair — and it matched my hair color pretty well. It was also surprisingly light.

How it works: first, you put your hair in a regular ponytail — though some reviewers say it looks better if your real hair is an a high ponytail.

Next, you insert the little clip into the top of the hair (see image below) and wrap the velcro strap around the base of the extension. For extra support, I added in a few bobby pins at the base.

Insert this clip into the base of your ponytail and wrap around the velcro strap to hold in place.Amazon

It only took me a few minutes to get it properly placed. The next day, I wore the hair piece on-air and got so many compliments!

For 37 bucks, I finally look like Ariana!

I wore my clip-in ponytail on-air. Looked great!Julie Loffredi

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Julie Loffredi contributed.