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Cindy Crawford turns 50: Celebrate with this 1993 TODAY flashback

The supermodel turns 50 Saturday, and we're celebrating with a look back at this memorable 1993 TODAY interview.
/ Source: TODAY

Happy birthday, Cindy Crawford!

The supermodel turns 50 Saturday, and we're celebrating with a look back at this memorable 1993 TODAY interview. Crawford opened about aging in the fashion industry, telling Katie Couric, "I'm 27 now and I'm out there with 18-year-olds."

She revealed that her priorities had begun to change as she entered her late 20s.

"I feel ... not old in my age, because I feel like I'm just starting my life," she explained. "But I feel like my head is in a different place, sometimes, backstage. My life is a lot richer now, and I don't only want to talk about what the latest shade of lipstick is."

Cindy Crawford in 1990WireImage

However, Crawford said models were enjoying longer careers, citing Lauren Hutton (then approaching her own 50th birthday) as an example.

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But, echoing comments she made earlier this month, she added, "I don't think I want to do it full-time much longer."

Crawford also told Couric that she had considered acting, though it wasn't her true passion.

"It's not like a fire inside me that says I want to act," she said. "I go and see a great movie and think 'I'd like to do that; I could maybe do that.' But I don't know if I want it enough for that kind of lifestyle that you have to lead."

Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere in 1994DYANE LEIGHT / ASSOCIATED PRESS

Then married to Richard Gere, she witnessed firsthand the time commitment a movie career required.

"It's not easy," she said. "Especially if two people in a relationship are doing it. You don't have much time to see each other. And I don't want that kind of relationship."

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Finally, Couric wanted to know if Crawford and Gere were planning to have kids.

"I am and have been, and Richard is coming around. Actually, he's into it now," she said. "I think that he never really thought about it, and I thought that's what life is about — you go on and have kids." (The couple would divorce two years later, in 1995.)

Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford with son Presley and daughter Kaia in 2011John Sciulli / Getty Images

Crawford, now mom to 14-year-old Kaia and 16-year-old Presley, her children with second husband Rande Gerber, continued, "But, I think I'm getting closer"

Watch the full interview above!