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Cindy Crawford's daughter, Kaia Gerber, gives herself 'stick and poke' tattoo in quarantine

A month was too long for Kaia Gerber to go without getting some new ink.

Kaia Gerber's quarantine pastimes are a little edgier than your average 18-year-old's.

The supermodel and daughter of Cindy Crawford has a vast collection of tattoos that she decided to add to while in quarantine due to the coronavirus. She told Glamour magazine that she recently gave herself a new one in the style known as "stick and poke."

"I've been struggling because one of my favorite pastimes was going and getting tattoos, and nobody's been able to do that," she told the outlet. "So, in the meantime, I gave myself a stick and poke, which I do not recommend."

The process was "not easy," she recalled, and it left her with "a newfound appreciation for tattoo artists." She added that she "didn't get too ambitious" with her idea. "I gave myself a dot, just so I could be like, 'All right, I got a tattoo this month, I'm cool,'" she said.

Even if stick-and-poke tattoos aren't easy to do, they're a pretty simple concept. All it requires is sterilizing a sewing needle (or a tattoo-grade needle, which can be found online), wrapping a thread around it, dipping it ink and poking the skin so the ink flows into the wound and under the skin.

In the interview, Gerber also delved into details about her own ink.

"I have a Picasso painting on my arm. That was one of the first ones I got, so maybe that one (is my favorite)," she said. "It's hard to pick a favorite! I also have the word 'mom' tattooed on me."

For now, Gerber said she is confident in her choices and doesn't expect that to change.

"I was so worried I was going to regret every tattoo I got, and they all represent such an important time in my life, even if the tattoo itself doesn't have much importance," she explained. "It's like they're all memories, so I don't feel like I could ever see myself regretting them."

Tattoos run in her famous family — at least for the kids. Gerber's older brother, Presley, 20, recently caused quite the stir when debuted a face tattoo in February. He shared a video of the whole process and the final product: a line of all-caps text under his eye that reads, “MISUNDERSTOOD."

Like his sister, the older Gerber has plenty of small tattoos all over his body. One of his, though, is actually dedicated to his little sis, according to People. It says "Kaia XXIII" on his left tricep, and their parents gave their approval when they saw it on Instagram.

“RG + JG APPROVED!” his father, Randy Gerber, wrote in the comments.

"Cool," wrote Crawford.