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The advice Cindy Crawford gave to her daughter Kaia about modeling

Supermodel Cindy Crawford, 51, is passing along the tricks of the trade to her look-alike daughter, Kaia Gerber, 16.
/ Source: TODAY

Cindy Crawford makes being a supermodel look easy, but she'd be the first to tell you that the job takes hard work, discipline and perhaps most importantly, lots of rest.

That's the wisdom Crawford, 51, is now passing along to her look-alike daughter, Kaia Gerber, 16, who made her New York Fashion Week debut this past September.

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Cindy Crawford, right, poses with her look-alike daughter, Kaia Gerber, who's following in mom's modeling footsteps. Venturelli / Getty Images

"I just went with her on her first fashion season and I think the only advice I gave her was that you can only sleep five or six hours one night or two nights in a row," Crawford told The Cut. "It’s cumulative — take the time to catch up on your sleep and have alone time."

Carving out some "me" time has been a crucial practice for her during her decades in the industry, she said.

"I love this fashion world and all the experiences I’ve had as a model, but sometimes it’s just people touching you all day long," Crawford explained. "You need time when nobody is touching you. You need to take your makeup off, put sweatpants on, and step away from the fabulous world of fashion for a minute or two."

All those folks fussing over models are doing their best to make them look great, said the fashion icon — who recently walked the runway herself for Versace — but still, "there is an abnormal amount of attention on you and sometimes you need to step away to realize that’s just not normal."

Luckily for Kaia — whose dad is Crawford's hubby, business mogul and former model Rande Gerber — she saw her mom's discipline firsthand, observing as Crawford got plenty of sleep and squeezed in workouts before her early-morning calls.

"The good thing is that she’s grown up with seeing how I take care of myself," said Crawford, "So I don’t really have to say that much to her."