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This swimwear company is rewriting fashion 'rules' to include body hair, cellulite

They have a list of new "Pool Rules" we should follow — none of which compare your body type to a fruit.
Chromat swimwear ads
Denise Bidot models in Chromat's latest campaign.Credit Anastasia Garcia
/ Source: TODAY

When it comes to fashion, women have heard a lot of rules — that certain body types shouldn't wear certain items — and it's especially fraught when it comes to swimwear.

But now, Chromat, a swim and athleticwear brand, debuted a new campaign that lists a whole different set of "Pool Rules," such as "all body hair accepted," "celebrate cellulite" and "intolerance not tolerated."

Credit Anastasia Garcia

The campaign is a set of rules meant to bolster body positivity, showcasing models with scars, stretch marks and cellulite in full view.

“It can feel vulnerable to be in a swimsuit in public, so it was important for us to make our own rules where everyone feels supported, seen and empowered," Becca McCharen-Tran, CEO of Chromat told TODAY Style.

The swimwear line isn't all talk, expanding their sizes to include up to 3XL for the first time in the company's history.

Credit Anastasia Garcia

The photo spread features a diverse array of models, including Denise Bidot, a pioneer of the body-positivity movement and full-figured mother, and Mama Cax, a cancer survivor and amputee.

Mama Cax (left) and Ericka Hart (right).
Mama Cax (left) and Ericka Hart (right).Credit Anastasia Garcia

The "Babe Guard," as the company calls them, was photographed poolside, sporting lifeguard-inspired swimwear.

Each photo dares the viewer to break one of their own "rules," which might be holding them back from wearing what they really want to.

Mama Cax
Mama CaxCredit Anastasia Garcia

"Our goal was to create a campaign that showcases the swimwear while staying true to the progressive spirit that’s at the heart of the brand," Jennifer DaSilva, president of Berlin Cameron, the creative agency behind the campaign, told TODAY Style. "The new swim collections aren’t just beautiful, they seek to empower women, femmes and non-binary individuals of all shapes and sizes."

One model was photographed pouring Hot Cheetos into her mouth while another proudly displayed her natural armpit hair in its glory.

Hot Cheetos? Why not.
Hot Cheetos? Why not.Credit Anastasia Garcia
Body hair, don't care!
Body hair, don't care!Credit Anastasia Garcia

The fashion industry as a whole is steadily becoming more representative of diverse body types. Recently, a maternity clothing line featured actual pregnant women in their ads (as opposed to a model with a fake belly) and the women's razor brand that actually shows body hair, but there's still a long way to go.

Body positive swimwear
The "rules" have been rewritten! Credit Anastasia Garcia

"There's a voice behind these images," Bidot wrote of the photo shoot in an op-ed for Teen Vogue. "Women of all sizes exist — and we are not a trend or a marketing strategy. The fashion industry needs an enduring commitment to this notion of inclusivity."

The Babe Guard 2018
The Babe Guard 2018Credit Anastasia Garcia