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Christopher Meloni shows off a full-grown 'quarantine beard'

Fans said they envied the actor's ability to grow so much facial hair so fast.
/ Source: TODAY

Plenty of celebrities are growing "quarantine beards" while sheltering in place during the coronavirus pandemic, but few can pull it off as well as actor Christopher Meloni!

The “Happy” star took to Twitter on Friday to show off his new facial hair.

"I'm taking the @pattonoswalt Hibernation Challenge," the 59-year-old tweeted, poking fun at comedian Patton Oswalt’s bearded selfies from earlier this week.

Meloni shared side-by-side photos of himself since he's been in lockdown. In the before photo, Meloni sports some facial hair but in the second, he's well into fully-grown beard territory.

Patton Oswalt's hilarious photos, which Meloni retweeted, garnered plenty of attention on Twitter on Thursday.

"April 1st. April 30th. Doing great!" Oswalt captioned his before and after pics, drawing laughs and many comparisons, from an “evil wizard” to even disc jockey Wolfman Jack, with his disheveled look.

Oswalt's wife, actor Meredith Salenger joined in on the fun, tweeting out a funny triptych featuring her husband.

Meloni quickly responded to the wizened pic of Oswalt by sharing a digitally-aged photo of himself.

Still, most fans actually thought that the star looked attractive with his overgrown facial hair.

"Am I the only one imagining that he took the first picture, changed shirts, then simply willed the manly facial hair into existence over the course of about 10 minutes?" tweeted a fan.

"There's no law against having a Chris Meloni man crush," posted another.

"Hibernation looks good on you," tweeted a commenter.

Meloni joins a long list of celebs who are completely changing up their looks as the spread of the coronavirus has caused barber shops to close and led to cancelled in-person visits with stylists. His mountain man beard is a solid contribution to the growing club of those who are embracing the gray during quarantine, sporting mullets or just deciding to shave their heads.

This isn't the first time we've seen Meloni working this ruggedly handsome look.

In this pic from 2016, the former "Law & Order SVU" actor poses with pal and co-star Mariska Hargitay while visiting friends in New York. Fans were excited by the recent announcement that after leaving the show in 2011 at the end of season 12, Meloni will return for the show's 22nd season premiere.

The actor will reprise his role as Detective Elliot Stabler in a spin-off of “Law & Order: SVU” that will center around the NYPD's organized crime unit. The spin-off series will air on NBC.