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The 'do that stole Christmas: What's up with Christmas tree hair?

Would you do your 'do like a Christmas tree for the holidays?
/ Source: TODAY

A search for "holiday hair" will turn up dozens of sparkly barrettes and barrel-curl tutorials. But for those unafraid to step outside the gift box, "Christmas tree hair" is big winner on social media.

Not sure what we're talking about? Well, it's very literal:

Christmas tree hair
"The hardest part was keeping the classy appeal with such an avant-garde piece," explained salon owner Nadwa Yono.Nadwa Yono

Salon owner Nadwa Yono of Farmington Hills, Michigan, had one of the most sophisticated and highly shared takes on Christmas tree hair. Yono created her spin on the look for a promotional photo shoot. "It was done ... to show a style that can be both creative and classy," she told TODAY Style.

Yono used a Styrofoam cone as the base of the tree, piling on the hair from the bottom up before finishing it with ornaments. The whole thing took two hours to complete, but in Yono's opinion, "The hardest part was keeping the classy appeal with such an avant-garde piece." We think she nailed it!

But the look can be family friendly, too. Lyn Ropers of Vallecito, California, gave her daughters Christmas tree hair that was less "classy," more "crazy."

Christmas tree hair trend.
Lyn Ropers' daughters made quite the impression at school with their holiday hair.Lyn Ropers

Ropers dolled up Justine, 6, and Hayleigh, 5, for their school's "crazy hair day" back in October. Her next-level addition? Green hairspray!

"At first our oldest daughter, Justine, was embarrassed to have everyone at school see her Christmas tree hair," Ropers told TODAY. "But after seeing the reactions that they got from it, she was excited to tell everyone how it was done.

"The reactions from everyone was outrageous!" she added. "Parents were taking their pictures, they had their picture taken with the principal, and they even got their picture in the school paper. It was such a fun and memorable experience."

Christmas tree hair trend
Jami Rodgers was part of the Christmas tree hair trend, and people loved it!Jami Rodgers

Thirty-six-year-old Jami Rodgers, who recently rocked the look for an "ugly sweater party" in Columbia, South Carolina, agreed that it's a surefire way to steal the show.

"I was told that I had 'won Christmas' all night, and I definitely got a lot of laughs out of it," Rodgers told TODAY. "People would just walk up to me and ask to touch my hair to see if it was real.

"It captures the holiday spirit," she added. "It's like, 'Bam! Christmas tree on my head!'"

But be warned if you're commuting to your final destination: "Getting into the car to get to the party was pretty comical," recalled Rodgers.

What do you think? Are you skeptical of the Christmas tree hair craze ... or filing it away for next year?

This story was originally published on Dec. 25, 2016.