The Chop: New 'it' hairstyle hits the red carpet

Trendy tresses: E! host Giuliana Rancic, model Karlie Kloss and actress Julianne Hough go for a short 'do.

It's been called the “hairstyle of the year,” the “cut of the moment of the moment” and even “the new Rachel.”

It’s official name on the fashion block, though? The Chop, a tousled and shaggy nearly-shoulder length style made famous by the likes of supermodel Karlie Kloss. It’s been heralded as the next big thing in hairstyling for the last few months, but the wavy 'do seems to have a hit an all-time high when E! host Giuliana Rancic went extension-free at Sunday night’s Oscars red carpet, much to the public’s delight.

“I'm LOVING Giuliana Rancic's hair at that length!” wrote one fan on Twitter. “I sooo want to chop off my hair tomorrow a la @GiulianaRancic” chimed in another.

Look familiar? Sure, it's nothing too terribly innovative — just don’t call it “the bob,” which is supposedly a totally different thing altogether.

“It’s not a Sassoon thing; it’s not a bob; and it needs to hit somewhere right about here,” Kloss’ hairstylist Garren Defazio told Vogue, motioning to just below the chin. “We want it to be something short, choppy, easy, and chic, but with a rock-’n’-roll edge.”

Garren says the long, romantic hair we’ve come accustomed to spotting on nearly every celebrity is getting, well, a bit tired. “I'm so tired of the soft wave, red carpet hair," he told Us Weekly. "Like dead straight hair, wavy hair got old.”

As cute and unfussy as The Chop is, however, there are some drawbacks: Kloss may have paid the way for shorn shears, but it wasn’t without some emotional damage. “I was totally nervous when I did it. I cried!” she told Fashionista.

(What you save in hair styling accessories you might just make up in Kleenex boxes.)

What do you think of the stye? Are you a fan?

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