Chic alternatives to traditional wedding veils

In the past several years, I've noticed more and more brides going the non-traditional route — from their unorthodox venues to their handwritten vows, even their (non-white) dresses. I can appreciate why some women want to stand out in an unconventional way on their big day, but for those of you who cherish tradition, there are plenty of ways to make it feel a little more like you without breaking the mold too much.

For instance, some brides are mixing it up with different types of veils — no more floor-length, lacy fabric hanging over their faces. Instead, they're opting for a variety of unique hair coverings. Here are a few of my favorites:

This headband is made from a gold brushed band, vintage velvet leaves and hand-wired rhinestones.

Halo styles have a more casual feel to them and are perfect for the bride who wants a more bohemian look. (Abigal bridal headband, $148, LaBoheme)

Alisa Benay's handmade bird cages feature dual combs and, upon request, Swarovski crystals or pearls attached to the edge of the veil.

Birdcages are a great alternative to classic long styles since brides can still have a little something over their face, but with a more modern touch. (Bird cage blusher, $25, Alisa Benay Bridal)

Green Trunk Designs' caps are handcrafted from antique lace and embellished with silk ribbon embroidery and tiny faux pearls.

Bridal caps have a specific vintage feel that can look very sweet on the right girl, especially if her dress has the same retro style. (1920s-style flapper wedding cap, $375, Green Trunk Designs)

What's great about these alternatives is that they can all be designed in any color, fabric, or materials you want, which gives you a bit more freedom without going over the top non-conventional.

Great places to search for these items include Etsy, where the prices range anywhere from $25-$300. There are so many independent designers on sites like Etsy that even if you don't find the perfect piece for you, most shop owners can design to your specific requirements. (For example, some brides want to use a piece of their mother's wedding dress in their headpieces — if that's something you want to do, don't be shy about reaching out.)

Now make sure to smile when you're walking down that aisle, as everyone will be looking at your gorgeous (and unique) blushing face.

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