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The 25 easiest Halloween costumes under $25

Ready to be the hit of your Halloween party? These funny, cute and timely costumes all ring in at less than $25.
/ Source: TODAY

Ready to be the hit of your Halloween party? This is your year! Get creative and dig through your closet to put together a Halloween costume that's just as creative as what you would find in a store, but for much less "moolah." The trick is to spend just a few bucks on an extra-special item or two to take your look to the next level.

1. Owl

Hey, wise one, these owl glasses are so clever and simple. You need some frames, feathers and a card stock nose.

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2. Hillary Clinton

This timely costume is all about the attitude. Dig out that interview pantsuit and put it to good use one more time.

3. Rosie the Riveter

You already own a denim shirt, jeans and a bandana. Add a red lip and you've got an instant costume!

4. "Bachelor" contestant

Put on your fanciest cocktail dress, grab a single red rose and add some streaks of mascara down your face — from all the crying you've been doing, of course.

Bachelorette with rose
ABC via Getty Images

5. Where's Waldo

Your favorite striped shirt and winter beanie have never looked so good. Just keep trying to blend in and you've nailed the character.

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6. "Walking Dead" zombie

Those stained or torn shirts you've been meaning to throw out? Put 'em on, follow this makeup tutorial and do your best "empty eyes" like Allison Kehoe.

7. Frieda Kahlo

Locate your brightest clothing, add some flowers in your hair and draw on some strategically-placed eyebrow hair for a signature unibrow.

8. Holly Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Put on your little black dress, pick up a cheapie tiara and strand of faux pearls. Then add an extra authentic touch like Sara du Jour with a to-go coffee and a croissant.

Breakfast at Tiffany's costume

9. '80s Diva

Everyone has some neon hanging around and this is the time to bring it all out from the back of the closet. Forget subtlety — don't hesitate to layer it all on at once and go crazy with your hair and makeup like I Love Flavor.

10. Bat

Grab that ever-versatile little black dress and add some wings for a cute bat costume.

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11. Ghostbuster

A pair of coveralls, some boots and goggles are all you need here. Extra points if you DIY a proton pack like this one at Instructables or coordinate with three friends for a full crew.

12. Greek goddess

Have a white sheet and some sandals? Then you've got yourself a costume on the cheap. For an extra bonus, find some foliage for your laurel wreath. The Sorry Girls show you how to assemble this no-sew look on YouTube.

13. Cowgirl

Wear your favorite jeans-and-plaid-shirt combo, and then add some Western touches like boots, a hat and a lasso if you're feeling fancy.

14. Bunch of grapes

Buy a pack of purple balloons and get to work!

15. Silent film star

Any simple black-and-white dress will work for this costume, as long as you commit to covering any exposed skin with the right makeup. Whitney Avalon shows you how in this great tutorial.

Greyscale Halloween costume

16. Mary Poppins

All you need is a white shirt, a black skirt, a red bow and one magical flying umbrella just like Marie from Joy of Fashion. Singing is optional (but encouraged).

Mary Poppins Halloween Costume

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17. Jellyfish

Such a show-stopping costume and for so little cash. This one was made with shower loofas and LED lights for a nighttime glow.

18. Anna Wintour

Leah from Eat Pray Wear Love did it right. A bob is key here so if your own hair doesn't have the right look, find a blunt, bobbed wig with bangs. Add a slim cut dress, huge shades and pick up an issue of Vogue magazine to further cement your credibility.

Anna Wintour Halloween costume

19. Vampire

Any goth-inspired outfit will work. The most important part of this costume is, of course, some fangs dripping with blood and an eerie, pale complexion like YouTuber Mallory Price.

20. Sushi

YouTube vlogger MintLaces made her own "sushi" pillow, but you could put a red case on any small pillow and embellish it with masking tape. So easy!

21. Fox

Some strategically placed eyeliner, bronzer and highlighter will make your face downright foxy. Just add some faux fur on your body and you're set.

22. Raggedy Ann

It's all about the yarn hair and doll makeup here, and Adria Vey will show you how to get the look just right.

23. Mod girl

Find a dress with a shift silhouette and add a chunky necklace, a '60s headband and some major eyeliner.

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24. Cat burglar

Blogger Keiko Lynn did this look right. Any black-and-white striped outfit will do as long as you add a black mask, a few whiskers and a pillowcase marked with a big, black "$" symbol.

Cat Burglar Halloween costume

25. Morton Salt girl

This is such a charming, vintage look! Any yellow dress and umbrella will do as long as your bring your most important accessory: salt!