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Chauntee & Joshua

Richmond, Virginia

About the bride: Chauntee is currently living her dream as a performer on the national tour of "The Lion King."

About the groom: Joshua is currently a PhD candidate at Princeton, studying Politics and Public Policy.

Time together: Five Years

Engagement date: July 13, 2005

Why he's the one: "Joshua asked to kiss me and we looked into each others' eyes and kissed. I realized our lives didn't exist until that moment." 

Why she's the one: "After our first date I just couldn't imagine what my life was like before Chauntee. Literally, she's my other half."

When Joshua first saw Chauntee in the hallway of his college dorm at the University of Richmond, he was immediately taken by her beauty, enthusiasm and beautiful smile. She was laughing with a group of friends and from that moment, Joshua knew that he wanted to be the one to make her laugh.

But Joshua didn't have a chance to try, until months later while walking around campus he saw Chauntee again, but this time on posters promoting an upcoming school production. A smitten Joshua went to see the show where he was finally introduced to Chauntee by a mutual friend. A few weeks later, Chauntee knocked on Joshua's door and suggested they give dating a try. They hit it off right away.

As an interracial couple, Joshua and Chauntee have experienced their fair share of skepticism and doubt, but regardless of the questions, their love remains strong. Together with the support of close family and friends, they provide one another with enough love and positive energy to overcome the odds.

Having grown up in Japan, Joshua knew that he wanted to propose to Chauntee in his homeland of Japan. Luckily, Chauntee happened to be in Tokyo on tour for "The Producers." Conspiring with one of her castmates, Joshua planned a romantic proposal at the Japanese Imperial Gardens and surprised Chauntee who appeared in a neck brace from a recent bicycle accident. Joshua was shocked to see her in such a condition, but not nearly as shocked as Chauntee who burst into tears and immediately accepted his proposal.

Despite Chauntee and Joshua's countless accolades, they both agree that now is the time to achieve something even greater: a loving marriage. For this couple, no award can compare to what they now value most in their lives... each other.